Villa Nappi is the perfect venue to host events, meetings, conferences, training courses and performing residencies because of the villa big spaces and rooms adaptable to any need.

Sala Sommier - Residenze (1) Sala Sommier - Residenze (2) Cosetta Sala Piano Piano Che storia è questa

Sala Sommier is the biggest room in Villa Nappi, with its 147 square meters, it has an elegant parquet floors and beautiful wood beams, the room is equipped with all the necessary technical equipment (wi-fi, video projection, sound system). Sala Sommier can contain up to 100 seats and can be used as a rehearsal room, conference room, performance space, exhibition space, a gym and classroom space.

Sala Comunicazione, next to Sala Sommier, measures 42 square meters and can contain up to 40 sets, it is very bright and has free wi-fi.

Sala Ambiente is a large room next to the bar,  which can contain up to 40 seats, it is equipped with technical equipment and wi-fi.

Sala Piano is the most elegant room in Villa Nappi, it is finely frescoed and furnished with a grand piano. Sala Piano measures 37 square meters and can contain up to 30 seats.